BitStarz Casino Review 2020

  1. Casino Amusement Advertising & Client Interface

After my Bitcoin exchange went through, I finished up browsing around their site and familiarizing myself with the interface. In general the client involvement is sub-par, not totally appalling but unquestionably not breathtaking. They utilize programs from a couple of distinctive companies counting SoftSwiss, Amatic Businesses, Betsoft, Ezugi, Microgaming, Leander Diversions, NetEnt and Endorphina. They offer numerous virtual varieties of prevalent table diversions counting blackjack, let it ride, three card poker, roulette and some others. They too offer a couple of standard online space machines like Mr. Vegas and Moguls among others, which are nothing special.

In spite of the fact that the recreations I played at are to some degree unimportant to me getting scammed, I figure it’ll donate you a fuller understanding of the complete circumstance. As per my encounter here, I began off by playing a few multi-hand blackjack and did alright. I was up almost 1 bitcoin I think. Note that the most extreme wagered at any of their blackjack diversions is as it were 40 mbtc, which unquestionably limits your upside. After that I played Let it Ride, where after a fair number of minutes I hit quads and had many other great hands. Once I was up a bit here, I by one means or another oversaw to devastate the roulette table and was up to around 20 bitcoins by and large, from my beginning 0.5 btc. I was generally fair wagering like a psycho on arbitrary color/even/odd combinations, which I would not prescribe. Well, unnecessary to say I was amped that I won 20 bitcoins (which was around $8,000 USD at that time). I was energized around all the conceivable outcomes that $8,000 opened up for me, not to say that I may presently pay my lease for 6 months!

  1. Hitting Quads at Let it Ride

I played reasonably and did not do something that was against their terms and conditions, even though I was gambling like a sicko. I have not opened several accounts, manipulated any bonus codes or done anything else that could jeopardise any of my winnings. As I said, in about 20 minutes (which was about 6 Bitcoins) I hit quads at Let it Ride. I played roulette and a couple of other table games after that, which were very swingy.I played for over 5 hours; enough time to warn me about the problem that I would discover afterwards.

  1. Cash Out 

Anyway, back to my storey, I decided to cash out and go to bed when I was up to 20 Bitcoins. I began a 1 bitcoin test and sent it to my wallet just to make sure it was going to go through smoothly. My account was disabled very shortly after I did this, the withdrawal was “discarded” and a live chat came up from a person called “Mike.” At this stage, things began to go fast downhill. I felt like they were going to try to swindle me out of the money that I won, and I was right.

  1. Bonus Scam

“Mike” said in the live chat that I had violated their terms and conditions, and “confiscated” my winnings. I asked him why they did this, because before playing I read the terms carefully and did not violate any of them to my knowledge. He said it was clearly outlined that by using their bonus, you can not bet more than 25 mbtc at any time. First off, let me say that this was certainly not clearly outlined in any way, as I looked at the terms and conditions before playing pretty carefully. Also, I didn’t even choose to get a bonus, it is automatically applied to your deposits apparently. I would not have accepted the bonus or bet more than 25 mbtc if I knew you could only bet 25 mbtc when using the bonus. This is also quite absurd, since they can just confiscate all of your winnings if you play on their website and put even one bet for more than 25 mbtc.

  1. Live Chat at

So anyway, I asked Mike where it said there was a max bet and why if it was not allowed, it allowed me to bet more than 25 mbtc (since I obviously didn’t see it or I wouldn’t have bet above 25 mbtc). He then said it was in their “bonus terms and conditions,” which before playing, I had no idea even existed. This is ridiculous, and it’s clearly just a cheap trick for them not to have to pay at their bitcoin casino for individuals who actually win real money.

On their website, this information is deeply buried and very difficult to find. To stand out in every way is not specifically outlined, and it is my belief that they bank on this to confiscate the winnings of everyone who plays there. This, in my opinion, is an unethical and entirely predatory activity. The guy in the live chat, “Mike” practically didn’t give me anything for my troubles, and told me to leave in fewer words after stealing from me over 20 bitcoins.

I also believe that I did not in any way misuse their bonus, as I deposited my own money and, in my view, did not take advantage of any of their terms. I feel more strongly that they are in fact the ones violating their own terms and conditions to scam players on their website for the sole purpose of not having to pay out winners. I later found that the same exact thing that happened to me had happened to countless other individuals after they scammed me out of my winnings.

If you read my review and think, “ok, so I’m still going to play on, I’m just not going to use their bonus.” Let me first say that if you do this, before even placing a wager on their website, you are basically gambling with your money. If they’ve used this unethical practise to scam me for more than $8,000, then what’s to say, if you win big, you’re going to see the money. In addition, if I lost my 0.5 bitcoins while “abusing” their bonus terms, I’m almost 100 percent sure that I’ve lost my 0.5 bitcoins.Furthermore, if I had lost my 0.5 bitcoins while “abusing” their bonus terms, I am almost 100 % sure they would have kept quiet and taken my cash.

  1. BitStarz Scam Analogy

Picture this: You go to a casino in Las Vegas and sit down at a table if you don’t understand just how messed up what I’ve described above is. At the table, the maximum bet allowed is $50. With the casino knowingly and deliberately authorising it, you then manage to bet $150 a hand for several hours. You end up winning $8,000 at the end of the night, without the pit boss saying a word, just watching silently. Your chips are coloured and then you head to the cage, ready to cash out your winnings.When you get to the cage, the lady says sorry, we confiscate your chips-by betting more than the table max, you violated our terms and conditions.

  1. Restricted countries

Those are the key points in the terms and conditions of the BitStarz casino. From the casino website , please read the full terms. You will not be able to play real money wagering games like Bitcoins if you are a player from Spain , France, the United Kingdom , The Netherlands, the US or any of its nations. To conclude, players from Spain , France, the United Kingdom , the Netherlands and the USA are not permitted to participate. However, if you gamble with Bitcoins, we have noticed that some casinos make exceptions to this.But you must play at your own risk in that case, because it is against the terms and conditions of the casino. If you are unsure about your country, you may also ask for help from BitStarz.


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